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Heaven throws you headlong into the seedy underbelly of society, a world populated by bent coppers, shady gangsters and beautiful women.
The lines between good and evil, honesty and truth, love and hatred are blurred, as the characters battle with each other and their own conscience.
Will love win out, or will the seedy world pull everybody under?
Step into Heaven and find out if it's too hot for you.


If you are a fan of crime thrillers and film noir, you will love Heaven. It has all the great elements: a femme fatale, creepy bad guys, hot women, booze and cigarettes, and of course, plot twists! Mr. Canlin's entertaining visual style of writing that puts you in the mind of the imperfect but lovable hero Dan as he struggles with doing the job he was assigned to do, while falling in love with a dangerous woman. I couldn't put it down...



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